Top UK tech twitterers: CIOs, academics, analysts, politicos, bloggers

Desperately seeking tech-loving microbloggers based in Blighty? Look no further...
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Desperately seeking tech-loving microbloggers based in Blighty? Look no further...

Update: We've published the first update to silicon.com's UK Tech Twitterers list - adding a few more individuals to our various categories. We've also updated the list on Twitter for you to follow. And, as always, if you have a suggestion of a techie individual who deserves a place on the list, post a comment below.

Twitter's progress from embryonic microblogging start-up to fully fledged genre-defining web service - counting Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga among its fans - has been impressive. But celebrities and their millions-strong Twitter entourages are just the tip of the microblogging iceberg. Twitter is massive with media types and monumental with marketeers - and political campaigners of all stripes can't help but tweet, especially during elections.

Twitter is no longer just a US thing, either. It has spread far beyond its Silicon Valley roots, building communities of web users from Iran to Japan. Since silicon.com last compiled a Top Tech Twitterers list in 2009, the UK has been tweeting its heart out and British actor and gadget-nut Stephen Fry has been joined by an impressive flock of Blighty-based tech twits.

From CIOs to bloggers, analysts to academics, we've rounded up a selection of the UK's finest tech Twitterers. This list focuses on techie humans based in the UK, rather than tech brands. If it's tech brands you're after, don't forget to check out @siliconlatest for tweets from the silicon.com team. You can also follow this list on Twitter.

Want to nominate a UK Tech Twitterer to add to the list? Let us know by posting a comment below...

CIOs, IT directors

  • Chris Chant @cantwaitogo, programme director of government G-Cloud project and director of digital engagement
  • Paul Cheesbrough @paulcheesbrough, CIO at News International
  • Paul Coby @PaulCoby, CIO of John Lewis
  • Ian Cohen @coe62, CIO at Jardine Lloyd Thomson
  • Katherine Coombs @kat_woman, IT director at buyingTeam
  • Jos Creese @SocitmPresident, Socitm president, CIO Hampshire County Council
  • Richard Norris @RichardaNorris, IT director at Cullum Capital Ventures
  • Dylan Roberts @dylanbach, chief officer ICT, Leeds City Council
  • John Suffolk @GovCIO, former government CIO


  • Peter Birley @birlep, IT consultant
  • Ajay Burlingham-Böhr @ajaybb, IT and business strategy consultant
  • Nicholas Butler @loudmouthman, social media and internet consultant
  • Judith Clegg @judithclegg, founder of Glasshouse, Second Chance Tuesday & Venturing Unlimited
  • Graham Cluley @gcluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos
  • Peter Cochrane @PeterCochrane, futurist and writer
  • Iain Gray @iain_gray, CEO of the Technology Strategy Board
  • Brent Hoberman @brenthoberman, co-founder Lastminute.com
  • Richard Leyland @leylandrichard, futurist and writer
  • Glyn Moody @glynmoody, author
  • David McCandless @mccandelish, author, designer and journalist
  • Peter Molyneux @pmolyneux, computer games designer
  • Meg Pickard @megpickard, Guardian's head of digital engagement
  • Elizabeth Varley @evarley, CEO of TechHub, workspaces for tech start-ups
  • David Wood @dw2, futurist, former research chief at Symbian


  • Miles Berry @mberry, senior lecturer in ICT at Roehampton
  • Sue Black @dr_black, senior research associate in software engineering at UCL
  • Brian Cox @ProfBrianCox, particle physicist and University of Manchester professor
  • Tom Crick @tomcrick, lecturer in computing at Univerisity of Wales Institute, Cardiff
  • David De Roure @dder, professor of computer science in the School of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton
  • Hannah Dee @handee, computer science lecturer and computer vision researcher at Aberystwyth University
  • Bill Dutton @BiIIDutton, professor at the Oxford Internet Institute
  • Anthony Finkelstein @profserious, professor of software systems engineering at UCL
  • David Gauntlett @davidgauntlett, professor of media and comms at the University of Westminster
  • Mark Harman @Mark_Harman, professor of software engineering at UCL
  • Dame Wendy Hall @DameWendyDBE, professor of computer science at the University of Southampton
  • Aleks Krotoski @aleksk, research associate at the Oxford Internet Institute
  • Marcus du Sautoy @MarcusduSautoy, Simonyi professor for the public understanding of science and professor of mathematics
  • Nigel Shadbolt @Nigel_Shadbolt, professor of AI and deputy research head of the School of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton
  • Austin Tate @batate, director, AI Applications Institute and professor of knowledge-based systems at University of Edinburgh
  • Andrew Tuson @andrewtuson, course director of the Master of Information Leadership at City University London


  • Martha Lane Fox @Marthalanefox, the UK government's digital champion
  • Tom Loosemore @tomskitomski, working on the Single Government Domain website proposal with Martha Lane Fox
  • Bill McCluggage @BillMcCluggage, deputy government CIO
  • Mark O'Neill @marxculture, CIO at Department for Communities and Local Government
  • Andrew Stott @DirDigEng, former UK government director of transparency and digital engagement
  • Tom Watson @tom_watson, MP, digital evangelist
  • Ed Vaizey @edvaizey, UK government minister responsible for comms, broadband


  • Matthew Aslett @maslett, senior analyst, enterprise software at The 451 Group - covering databases, data warehousing, open source
  • Dean Bubley @disruptivedean, mobile analyst & strategy consultant at Disruptive Analysis
  • Steve Cramoysan @Steve_Cramoysan, research director with Gartner's technology & service provider research group
  • Tony Cripps @tonycripps, principal analyst at Ovum covering smartphones, apps
  • Nick Dillon @nickjdillon, Nick Dillon, telecoms analyst at Ovum
  • Adrian Drury @adriandrury, lead analyst for media tech, broadcast & telecoms at Ovum
  • Richard Edwards @REdwards, principal analyst at Ovum covering info management, social media
  • Ian Fogg @ianfogg42, principal analyst at Forrester Research covering consumer product strategy
  • James Governor @monkchips, co-founder and industry analyst at RedMonk
  • Adam Leach @adamhleach, principal tech analyst at Ovum
  • Paul Lee @pjvlee, director of TMT research at Deloitte
  • Clive Longbottom @clivel_98, IT and business analyst at Quocirca
  • Carolina Milanesi @caro_milanesi, mobile analyst at Gartner
  • Mark Mulligan @Mark_Mulligan, consumer tech VP & research director at Forrester Research
  • Mark Raskino @MarkRaskino, IT industry analyst at Gartner and co-author of Mastering the Hype Cycle
  • Bob Tarzey @tarzey, IT analyst and director at Quocirca
  • Ben Wood @benwood, mobile/wireless analyst at CCS Insight
  • Dale Vile @Dale_Vile, IT analyst and co-founder and MD of Freeform dynamics


  • Charles Arthur @charlesarthur, the Guardian's technology editor
  • Emma Barnett @Emmabarnett, digital media editor at The Daily Telegraph
  • Ian Betteridge @ianbetteridge, tech journalist
  • David Bradley @sciencebase, science and technology writer
  • Tim Bradshaw @tim, digital media correspondent at the Financial Times
  • Adrian Bridgwater @ABridgwater, freelance tech journalist
  • Mike Butcher @mikebutcher, editor TechCrunch Europe
  • Rory Cellan-Jones @ruskin147 and @BBCRoryCJ, the BBC's technology correspondent
  • Nick Clark @MrNickClark, technology and telecoms journalist at The Independent
  • Cory Doctorow @doctorow, writer and journalist, co-editor of Boing Boing
  • Stuart Dredge @stuartdredge, freelance mobile journalist and Guardian apps blogger
  • Stephen Fry @stephenfry, tech blogger and broadcaster
  • Richard Gaywood @PenLlawen, blogger and techie
  • Bryan Glick @bryanglick, editor of Computer Weekly
  • Rupert Goodwins @rupertg, ZDNet UK editor
  • Roger Highfield @RogerHighfield, editor of New Scientist
  • Zee M Kane @zee, editor of The Next Web
  • Jemima Kiss @jemimakiss, media and technology journalist at the Guardian
  • Nate Lanxon @NateLanxon, editor, Wired.co.uk
  • Leila Makki @LeilaMakki, multimedia mobile journalist
  • Belinda Parmar @belindaparmar, The Times Lady Geek columnist
  • Steve Ranger @steveranger, silicon.com editor
  • Shane Richmond @shanerichmond, head of technology editorial at Telegraph.co.uk
  • David Rowan @iRowan, editor of Wired UK
  • Mark Samuels @mark_samuels, editor CIO Connect
  • Jack Schofield @jackschofield, technology journalist, formerly of the Guardian

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