Top Windows Mobile news of the week: Focus on flagships, Cortana Android, Update kills phones

This week in Windows Mobile came word of a bad Insider build that bricks some phones, Cortana is coming to Cyanogen, and that Microsoft is focused on flagship phones.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Insider build bricks phones

A Windows 10 Mobile Insider build (10536) that was mishandled by Microsoft has made some phones useless. According to the firm the build was only intended for certain phones but was mistakenly made available to other handsets.

Microsoft is working on a fix for those Windows Phone owners with a dead device.

Source: Engadget

Cyanogen to integrate Cortana, pronounces death of Windows Mobile

The firm behind the top Android fork is working with Microsoft to integrate Cortana into its OS. This is in line with the company's statements that it wants to compete directly with Google's Android.

In the statement about the Cortana move, Kirt McMaster stated that "Windows Phone is dead".

Source: Techmo Day

Microsoft focusing on flagships

Microsoft has acknowledged enthusiast frustration over a lack of high-end flagship phones, and has stated it is focusing on them. Chris Capposela, CMO for Microsoft, stated at a conference in NY that the company has "massively retrenched" around Windows 10 for phones.

Capposela went on to say that Micrsoft wants to build a premium flagship phone for Windows fans.

Source: Windows Central

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