Top Windows Phone news of the week: AOL, phones here to stay, Edge gets real

This week in Windows Phone news we saw the Edge browser getting branded, rebuttal to claims that Microsoft will kill the phone business, and AOL took over Microsoft's ad business.

AOL takes over Microsoft's ad business

The firm in Redmond announced this week that its ad business has been taken over by AOL. The 10-year deal turns over Microsoft's display ad business to AOL. AOL will display and sell ads aquired in the deal in nine global markets.

AOL was recently bought by Verizon.

Source: ZDNet

Edge browser gets official branding

With the rollout of Windows 10 around the corner, a recent preview build shows the new Edge browser with branding. The new browser is Microsoft's answer to competitive mobile browsers, and according to testers of Windows 10 it's shaping up nicely. The branding is also in Windows 10 Mobile.

Edge looks particularly well suited for Windows phones.

Source: ZDNet

Forbes op-ed: No, Windows Phone won't be killed

Look around the web and you'll soon find some pundit claiming that Microsoft's recent actions indicate the death of Windows Phone is in the near future. A lot of reasons are given, including the recent reorganization of the device business group under Microsoft's Windows group.

Forbes has written a good article with a number of reasons why Windows Phone is not going away, and is in fact a good thing for the folks in Redmond.

Source: Forbes