Top Windows Phone news of the week: Surface Phone, POS app, new Windows 10 Mobile build

In the Windows Phone space this week we heard rumors firming up about a big hardware event, Microsoft released a full-featured POS app, and that a Surface Phone could be on the way.

Microsoft October event rumors heating up, include two new Lumia phones

ZDNet is reporting that a big Microsoft event could be coming in October with lots of hardware announcements. In addition to new Surface tablets, two Lumia phones could be unveiled.

These are expected to be two Windows 10 Mobile flagship phones, the CityMan and TalkMan.

Source: ZDNet

Surface Phone specs leaked

A phone with the Surface brand may be coming next year, and what is supposedly the specs for it have turned up. Termed "Project Juggernaut Alpha" the phone is rumored to be launched as the Surface Mobile. The specs show a 5.5-inch smartphone running an Intel Atom processor.

Source: WM Power User

New Windows 10 Mobile build has fixes, improvements

Microsoft has released a new preview build for Windows 10 Mobile that has the usual cast of bug fixes and improvements. Build 10512 is reported to offer stability improvements, and a fix affecting apps installed on a memory card.

Unfortunately, the new build kills the ability to use the phone as a mobile hotspot.

Source: PC World

Microsoft releases app turning Windows Phone into a full POS

The folks in Redmond have released the free app eMobilePOS for using a Windows Phone as a full point-of-sale system (POS}. The app can handle a range of POS functions for small businesses: process credit cards, checks and cash, email/print receipts, control price and show inventory.

Source: Microsoft