Tough choices: Examining the soul of iPad, Android, and Xoom

In which the enterprise blogger descends into personal technology and lives to tell the tale....
Written by Michael Krigsman, Contributor

As enterprises large and small embrace the iPad, we should remember that Apple is not the only game in town. Given the hype surrounding all Apple products, however, it's difficult to get an accurate handle on whether the iPad is actually better than corresponding Android devices.

To satisfy my own curiosity, I purchased a Motorola Xoom and took a deep dive into world of Android. The story and lessons learned are on ZDNet's flagship blog, Between the Lines, under the title Apple iPad vs. Android Xoom: Judgment day arrives.

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Rather than allow this IT failures blog to descend into techno lust and risk defiling enterprise purity with personal gadgetry, I thought it best to publish this story over there. The article begins:

I’ve been an iPad fan since Apple first released the ubiquitous tablets; with instant-on and long battery life, these devices are an ideal traveler’s companion. This post describes iPad love, Android lust, and a reluctant return back to Apple.

So, take a visit and check it out -- I'm interested in your thoughts.

While you're there, look at the corresponding gallery, showing my top ten favorite iPad applications. It's not all business but there are no games; the results may surprise you.

Gallery: iPad vs. Android: A personal journey

I've collected apps that are useful, polished, and provide real value, so have a look!

Advice to CIOs: The bottom line is simple -- the iPad is more expensive than the Xoom but has better apps. Your organization can save big with iPad alternatives, but be sure the apps will do what you need.

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