Truphone announces global shared plans (CTIA 2013)

I never travel overseas without Truphone and businesses will appreciate their new global shared plan offerings that include calls, text, and data.

I wrote about my international travel with the fantastic TruSIM solution from Truphone and continue to travel internationally with it as my primary SIM. Yesterday Truphone announced their new international shared plans that brings you an experience like you may be familiar with on AT&T or Verizon, but in popular countries around the world.

These new shared data plans allow people in the "Truphone Zone", includes Australia, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the US, to share local minutes, text, and data. Germany, Poland, and Spain will be in the zone later this year. As you can see in their new brochure (PDF file), Truphone also offers an international shared data only plan for those who want to share data on tablets, phones, and laptops.

Pascal de Hesselle, vice president, marketing at Truphone, stated:

When business people are on the road, they need to stay connected. And it shouldn't matter whether you're in Los Angeles or London – you just need to make the call, send the file – get things done, and done quickly. These road warriors are powering the US economy, and it's up to network providers to help them make it happen. Truphone's international shared plans keep business people productive, affordably connecting them with their colleagues and customers around the world. We're proud of this industry first.

Businesses will appreciate being able to know and control their international mobile fees rather than being surprised with bills in the thousands upon return from trips. These new shared plans are designed for those who work regularly outside the US in a Truphone Zone country and as you can see in the brochure the plan fees are well positioned for such a global offering.