Try out Swiftkey Flow beta or just turn on Samsung Keyboard in your Note II

One thing I love about the Android platform is the ability to use alternative text input methods. I find swiping around on a keyboard much faster than hunt and peck on a traditional QWERTY layout and Swiftkey Flow improves that experience.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I keep going back to my Samsung Galaxy Note II as my primary device and think it is going to be with me for quite some time. One reason I love using Android devices is the ability to select custom text input methods and I regularly bounce between what is included on my devices, Swype, and SwiftKey. SwiftKey just launched the beta of their SwiftKey Flow product that adds the ability to slide around the keyboard to their already powerful text entry system.

Try out Swiftkey Flow beta or just turn on Samsung Keyboard in your Note II

I like the sliding function on keyboards like Swype and find that I can enter text faster and enjoy the experience more than tapping all over the display. SwiftKey is my favorite tap keyboard so now that they added the ability to slide around it gets even better. My friends at Android Central took SwiftKey Flow for a spin and show you some of the cool features in this new text entry method. You can try out the beta now on smartphones and tablets.

If you own a Galaxy Note II then SwiftKey Flow beta may look familiar to you as it included as the default Samsung keyboard. Some carriers actually label the Flow part as such, but on my T-Mobile Note II it is an option labeled "Continuous input". Developers that make keyboard input methods such as SwiftKey and Swype often provide the back end for manufacturers like HTC and Samsung to add their branding and customization to the default keyboard. If you download and test out the SwiftKey Flow keyboard directly, you will find there are a few more customization options that what Samsung gives you in the default keyboard.

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