Twilio launches Twilio Flex, aims for programmable, multichannel cloud call center

Twilio's API-driven approach may make customizing call center approaches much easier for enterprises.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

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Cloud communications provider Twilio launched Twilio Flex, a contact center platform that covers multiple channels and allows customers to customize interfaces, routing, and reporting.

Twilio Flex can scale up to 50,000 agents. The aim for Twilio is to do battle with existing call center infrastructure players that deploy on-premise call center hardware and software. Twilio is betting that Flex can bring more APIs to the call center and enable enterprises to customize more.

The call center market features a bevy of players ranging from business process outsourcing companies to systems integrators to private branch exchange providers.

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Here's a look at Gartner's Magic Quadrant for call center infrastructure:


And here's DMG Consulting's view of the cloud based contact center market:


According to Twilio, Flex will use best practices from the company's call center implementations and provide quick deployment options and customized experiences.

Key features include:

  • Omnichannel support to enable agents to use voice, SMS, email, chat, video, and channels such as Facebook Messenger.
  • User interface customization for each point of the call center workflow. Enterprises can add channels, customize features like click-to-call and add reporting tools.
  • Machine learning to improve productivity as well as Twilio's TaskRouter routing logic.
  • Integration with Twilio Studio to build applications and workflows. Twilio Flex will also support CRM packages from Salesforce and Zendesk as well as integrate with other third party applications.

Twilio flex will be generally available by the end of 2018 with flexible pricing options.

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Here are a few screenshots of Twilio Flex:


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