Twilio launches Twilio Studio to boost engagement apps

The idea behind Twilio Studio is to enable business execs and developers iterate on tools such as messaging bots, voice system workflows and notifications.


(Image: Twilio)

Twilio launched Twilio Studio, a tool to allow software developers and business execs collaborate on various engagement applications such as messaging bots, interactive voice systems, and notification workflows.

The effort is part of Twilio's Engagement Cloud. Twilio emerged as a company to offer various communications tools, but is moving up the developer stack as voice, messaging, and notifications become the front end to customer engagement applications. A Twilio survey found that 81 percent of consumers complain it's difficult to communicate with businesses. However, only 34 percent of enterprises share the same view as consumers.

According to Twilio, its Studio tool can enable developers and businesses develop engagement apps in minutes instead of weeks.

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Twilio said it is opening its application programming interface to a larger audience inside companies such as business operators. Business users can also build Twilio Studio workflows.

Here's a screen shot of a Twilio Studio communication workflow.


Among the key features of Twilio Studio:

  • A visual drag-and-drop editing tool with a library of omnichannel widgets handling underlying communication. These widgets represent the various channels in a company.
  • Customization across multiple development roles.
  • The ability to change content and routing logic without code. Adding a new channel or customer experience can occur with input from marketing, product, support, and engineering.
  • Workflows in Studio are run on Twilio Runtime, which is used on the entire platform.

Twilio Studio is in developer preview.


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