​Twilio gets into the serverless game

Twilio Functions will take load balancing, scaling and server provisioning off of developers' hands.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor
(Image: Twilio)

Twilio has launched Twilio Functions, a serverless platform to build communications apps.

The move follows the success of Amazon Web Services' Lambda, a serverless offering, and similar efforts. The general idea is to abstract compute resources so developers can stick to the code without managing things like provisioning and scaling servers.

According to Twilio, Functions will include a runtime environment with libraries, API keys, asset storage, and debugging tools.

Twilio Functions will enable developers to create a function with JavaScript. From there, Twilio Functions will take care of load testing and scaling.

Developers get free pricing for the first 10,000 requests a month and then $0.0001 for each request after that.

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