Twitter CEO Dick Costolo's two rules on being a leadership superpower

Dick Costolo talks about how business leaders can avoid the "path of ruin" in management.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

Speaking at TechCrunch Disrupt, Twitter's CEO Dick Costolo offered two simple rules to becoming a superpower in a business management role.

The 49 year-old chief executive officer of Twitter, who took over from Evan Williams in 2010, is often touted as one of the most influential and impressive CEOs currently leading a firm.

While success depends on your personality, attitude and approach to business, there are several simple rules that the CEO suggests you follow in order to become a successful entrepreneur. When asked how today and tomorrow's business operators can be successful, Costolo commented:

"You have to lead people without really caring what they think about you. Managing by trying to be liked is the path to ruin."

Twitter rose in popularity as a social media network once Costolo took over where Williams left off. In addition, the CEO sold the once-popular RSS reader Feedburner to Google in 2007 for $100 million. The tech world venerates executives who manage to do well in rising to the top, and other success stories include Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Tim Cook and the new CEO of Yahoo Marissa Mayer.

With this in mind, Costolo's second rule is worthy of note:

"You have to build trust with your team and people. You do this by being forthright and clear from day one. As a leader, you are totally transparent -- your people are looking at you all the time. If try to lead in some way that isn’t true to who you are, they will see through it and you will lose trust of team."

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