Twitter reports successful year in Brazil

World Cup and Elections drive local growth of microblogging service in 2014
Written by Angelica Mari, Contributing Writer

This year's World Cup and presidential elections in Brazil prompted an increase of 25,6 percent for Twitter's local user base - the best growth rate in the country since 2010, according to the company.

Both events also meant a big boost for Twitter in terms of business development in Brazil, as the company grew closer to TV broadcasters, which promote the social network during programmes. The firm does not disclose user numbers, but the global figure is estimated to be about 284 million users.

The surge in relation to last year's user figures in Brazil also highlighted that the platform has really become synonymous with the "second-screen" experience, the go-to place for viewers to discuss events as they happen, from presidential debates to soccer events - such as the 7-1 victory of Germany over Brazil, which became the most discussed sports event ever in the platform.

According to the company, 72 percent of Twitter users in Brazil used the service via mobile phones or tablets in 2014. In 2013, mobile users represented 62 percent of the total user base.

In terms of its expansion plans in Brazil, Twitter remains bullish: hiring core skills has been a key focus, with several staff joining the firm since the launch of its first local office in 2012.

According to Twiiter, the plan is to increase the local headcount of 63 staff based in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo by 70 percent in 2015. Several vacancies are currently available at the firm's São Paulo office.

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