Twitter teams with Datalogix to pinpoint 'offline sales impact' for Tweets

According to Datalogix, followers exposed to Promoted Tweets purchased 29 percent more from that brand than followers reached by organic Tweets alone.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

In another move to prove the true value of what 140 characters can do, Twitter has announced it is teaming up with with Datalogix, a digital media and database marketing firm, to figure out the "offline sales impact" for Tweets.

In other words, the two Bay Area companies are promising to identify how much having an active Twitter account can improve a brand's bottom line when consumers are shopping in stores and away from computers.

Then again, that doesn't mean these users are disconnected altogether given how much mobile is being entwined with the brick-and-mortar shopping experience too.

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When taking that into account, a microblogging service like Twitter with snippets of information at the ready from millions of brands and retailer is much more likely to be used while on-the-go.

That's probably what Twitter and Datalogix could be banking on, among other trends.

For example, according to the announcement on Thursday, Datalogix data demonstrates that both organic (non-advertising) and Promoted Tweets can drive offline sales for consumer packaged goods businesses.

Based on studies of at least 35 brands (i.e. beverages, food, wellness, household products, and alcohol), here is what Datalogix researchers found about the impact of organic and paid Twitter activity on offline sales:

  • Promoted Tweet engagement resulted in an 12 percent average sales lift.
  • Organic Tweet exposure drives in-store sales by at least eight percent.
  • Followers who are exposed to Promoted Tweets purchased 29 percent more from that brand than followers reached by organic Tweets alone.

For now, this program is designed for marketers within these verticals in the United States. Twitter said it plans to expand coverage to more business segments and markets worldwide eventually.

The financial value of Twitter itself has been heavily promoted this week.

On Tuesday, market research firm Nielsen published a study positing what it touted as a definite link between Tweets and increased viewership for certain programs.

Chart via The Official Twitter Blog

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