Ubuntu 12.10, due in October, said to be 'Cloud for Human Beings'

At LinuxCon 2012, and CloudOpen, Canonical touted its pioneering work with OpenStack and said it intends to position its next platform - Ubuntu 12.10 in October -- with Juju and Charm technologies as the Cloud for human beings, much the way it positions its current OS as Linux for human beings. Its five-month-old Ubuntu 12.04 was the first commercial distribution to incorporate OpenStack.
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Canonical, which prides itself as the first company to build and sell a commercial OpenStack product, expects to deliver its next generation 12.10 release in October as the 'Cloud for Human Beings.

In addition to OpenStack support, the 12.10 release will also feature the company's Juju and Charms development technologies that make application development for the cloud easier, said Kyle MacDonald, vice president of Cloud at Canoical, at LinuxCon Wedensday.

"You'll see more technologies like Juju in 12.10," he said. "JuJu makes creating and developing applications easy and relaibasle and you don't have to know the details [such as juje makes creating and dve apps easy and reliable and dont have to know details .. and you can easily move from one cloud to another.

Here's how the Canonical web site describes these JuJu and Charms technologies:

"After working with leading cloud providers like Amazon and Rackspace for years, we’ve developed Juju, a game-changing service orchestration toolset, that enables the knowledge connected with an application—dependencies, relations and platform configuration—to be encapsulated in a charm," the Linux company's web site said.

"A Juju charm is a collection of pre-written instructions that deploys a cloud service. More than 50 are already available, for services including Hadoop, PostgreSQL and Drupal."

Canonical is deploying its Ubuntu 12.10 OpenStack distribution with Rackspace, HP and Dell and offers with partners enterprise support for the OpenStack offering on HP servers and availability of the Dell Openstack Ubuntu Cloud solution, MacDonald said. 

"We're putting serious bets behind openStack," MacDonald said. 

Linux rivals Red Hat and SUSE also have OpenStack distributions planned for release soon. 

The Canonical exec said parner DreamHost next week will announce a hosted cloud storage solution based on Ubuntu 12.04.


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