Ubuntu 7.10 - Installation walk-through

The purpose of this post is simple - to show how easy it is to install Ubuntu!

This post will hold no surprises for those of you who have experience handling Ubuntu, and really it's not aimed at you (unless you want to chime in with hits, tips or suggestions).  the purpose of this post is simply to show folks who've not dabbled with Ubuntu just how easy it is to install this operating system.

Ubuntu 7.10 - Installation walk-through
Check out the Ubuntu 7.10 installation walk-though here.

The great thing about the Live CD format is that you can dabble with an OS without having to install the OS and lose your existing OS.  That's a great "try before you commit" feature and allows you to pick the distro that's right for you.  But once you've decided to make the leap, you then want to make sure that the installation process is as smooth and hitch-free as the Live CD experience is.

Ubuntu 7.10 - Installation walk-through
So far, my Ubuntu 7.10 install experiences (and I've carried out about five installs so far on different platforms) have been pleasant and totally hassle-free - exactly what an OS installation should be like. 

What I especially like about the Ubuntu installation is that all the questions are answered at the beginning of the install process and then the installation process doesn't need any user input until the end.  This is in stark contrast to Windows XP where the install process is all over the place (Windows Vista is more like Ubuntu and asks all the questions at the start of the process).