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Kids love online wrestling and the rest of us just want to watch footie

Football fever pushed visits to UK sports sites through the one million barrier in June, according to research published Tuesday from analyst firm MMXI Europe.

Of the 10.6 million UK surfers that month, sports sites picked up a healthy 1.05 million unique visitors giving the sport sector nearly 10 percent audience share, up from 1.6 percent back in February.

Football sites grabbed the biggest slice of the pie. achieved 1 percent reach in the UK, where it recorded 111,000 unique visits. France was the number one spot for European sports sites with a 1.8 percent audience share. The most popular sports site in the UK was

"The great attraction of the Internet is that it not only gives people the ability to see results and watch games as they happen, but also provides an encyclopaedic source of information," according to Lucy Green, MMXI Europe's marketing director.

Younger surfers continued to favour The wrestling portal has been a hit with two to 14-year-olds since May, and received 154,000 unique visitors in June, an audience share of 1.5 percent, making it the UK's fourth most popular sports site.

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