Unigraphics Solutions unveils breakthrough in CAD/CAM/CAE technology

Major release marks the introduction of predictive engineering and a new windows user interfaceSingapore, 20 April 2000 - Unigraphics Solutions PteLimited today announced the local launch of Unigraphics Solutions Version 16 (UG v16), a major new release of itsenterprise CAD/CAM/CAE software solution.
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Major release marks the introduction of predictive engineering and a new windows user interface

Singapore, 20 April 2000 - Unigraphics Solutions Pte Limited today announced the local launch of Unigraphics Solutions Version 16 (UG v16), a major new release of its enterprise CAD/CAM/CAE software solution.

UG V16 marks the introduction of what Unigraphics terms Predictive Engineering - a set of technologies that incorporates engineering practices and product life cycle knowledge into the product development environment.

Process Wizards and Process Assistants
Predictive Engineering innovations are pervasive throughout the entire integrated UG V16 application. Predictive Engineering has enabled the creation of a new generation of tools - called Process Wizards and Process Assistants - which encode complex product and process knowledge to significantly improve design and manufacturing productivity.

Studio for design
Predictive Engineering intelligence is further augmented by advanced CAE functionality for structural analysis, parametric shape optimization and dynamic motion simulation. In addition, a process intelligent system for CAM delivers the next generation of knowledge enabled manufacturing applications, while Studio for Design - a new module for industrial designers and stylists - introduces Predictive Engineering to the earliest phase of product design. In all, UG V16 includes 12 new modules and hundreds of functional enhancements throughout the entire suite of design-through-manufacturing applications.

Windows NT Platform
UG V16 also marks the introduction of a new streamlined user interface. On the Windows NT platform, UG leverages the Windows dialogs and services for standard functions such as printing, file management, colour design and selection as well as providing Explorer-like navigation capabilities. In addition to this complete Windows compatibility, UG V16 has added controls for assemblies, features and manufacturing operations. In addition to providing advanced functionality on UNIX platforms, UG help and on-line documentation are able to take advantage of HTML and exploit the Windows NT Help engines. UG V16 also includes integration and unparalleled exploitation of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for controlling and optimizing parametric data, interacting with mechanisms and interrogating analysis data.

"With Predictive Engineering and the new interactive environment, UG V16 provides the industry's most powerful product development tool with a familiar and easy-to-use interface," says Sharon Toh, General Manager, Unigraphics Solutions Pte Limited. "Our Windows implementation is the most complete of any of the industry-leading, high-end CAD/CAM/CAE products, and with UG V16, compatibility with previous releases is guaranteed."

Commented Marc Halpern, director of research for D.H. Brown Associates, "The introduction of Predictive Engineering in Unigraphics Version 16 catapults Unigraphics Solutions to the forefront of knowledge-centric mechanical design automation capabilities. Predictive Engineering reflects the most pragmatic and comprehensive approach to knowledge capture and re-use that we have reviewed to date."

A new paradigm in Computer-Aided Manufacturing
Unigraphics V16 includes one of the most significant Computer-Aided Manufacturing releases in the product's history. Version 16 of UG CAM introduces a set of technologies focused on knowledge capture and process automation. This group of technologies combines a robust set of advanced functionality with best practices in manufacturing, extending Predictive Engineering throughout all phases of the design through manufacturing process.

UG CAM users can now define and plan the manufacturing sequence up front and store this information for subsequent access and re-use. Users interactively encode best practices to capture the specifics of a manufacturing process. Once defined, this information is leveraged through the use of several available Process Assistants for manufacturing. These Process Assistants quickly guide the user through the steps involved in creating an NC toolpath with remarkably little interaction. One Process Assistant in UG V16, for example, focuses on the automotive die machining process. This automated software tool contains specific sequences for cutting various types of dies with standard or high-speed techniques. There are over 20 manufacturing Process Assistants being introduced in UG V16 that address a variety of cutting strategies for multiple industries.

"In recent releases, Unigraphics has focused on the re-use of product designs," says Sharon Toh. "Now our customers will benefit from the ability to re-use manufacturing best practices."

"L&W Mould Manufacturing's competitive advantage resides in our ability to make products with high precision and quality," said Mr Cedric Lam, IT Manager, L&W Mould Manufacturing Pte Ltd - one of Singapore's leading mould makers.

"To remain competitive in the global market while meeting customers' requirements, we must build a solid infrastructure, which enables us to achieve lower development cost and shorter lead-time, while maintaining high quality. This is why we rely on Unigraphics Solutions for flexible end-to-end CAD/CAM software solutions and services which will enable us to maintain and grow our competitive edge," added Mr. Lam

"With its revolutionary software enhancements and new easy-to-use user interface which have helped improve our productivity levels, we have no regrets adopting Unigraphics version 16 throughout our company," concluded Mr Lam.

About Predictive Engineering
Predictive Engineering is the next step in the evolution of today's CAD/CAM/CAE technology. In addition to incorporating design optimisation that can help determine the performance - or "behaviour" - of the final product, Predictive Engineering incorporates product and process knowledge into the design for dramatic improvements in productivity. Several capabilities integrated into UG V16 allow the designer to not only model the geometry, but also to analyse, simulate, optimise and 'predict' the performance of the final product. As a result, UG V16 - with the first phase of Predictive Engineering - offers the user the most complete software for performing integrated product development in the most efficient manner.

About Unigraphics Solutions
Unigraphics Solutions Inc. (NYSE: UGS) is focused on improving the entire product life cycle for mechanical design and manufacturing companies through the delivery of solutions that address process and productivity enhancements. Its CAD/CAM/CAE, PDM and e-Business solutions are designed to promote CPC (collaborative product commerce) through incorporation of today's most advanced technology and intelligent use of the Internet. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, UGS has been providing software solutions to engineering and manufacturing companies for over 25 years. Due to the company's excellent performance, Business Week magazine named Unigraphics Solutions as one of the world's top ten software companies in 1999.

About Unigraphics Solutions Singapore
Unigraphics Solutions established its Singapore operations in August 1989. With more than 180 clients in various industries including product design, precision and complex manufacturing, the local office has resources in sales and marketing, pre-sales and technical support. Some of its clients include Aiwa Singapore, Philips Singapore, Gintic Institute of Manufacturing Technology, ST Kinetics, Singapore Productivity and Standards Board, Omni Mold Ltd, Fu Yu Manufacturing and academic institutions like Nanyang Polytechnic and Nanyang Technological University.


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