Universal Desktop Daily - Thursday, October 19, 2006

Adobe aquires some video technology, RIAForge for your open source RIA projects, What is .NET 3.0 and a look at the Windows Vista UI.

Sorry about skipping yesterday, I was at home sick for most of it and last night was a busy night so the UDD slipped. Luckily we had some news today.

  • According to the press release, Adobe acquired Serious Magic, a small company that has some interesting video technology. It's in Adobe's best interest to move up the food chain with regards to Flash Video, so it makes sense for them to put some investment into it. Flash has become the de-facto standard for video on the web, but Adobe hasn't been able to figure out how to monetize it in a big way yet. This may be a step in that direction.
  • RIAForge, a website for open source projects built on Adobe technologies was released today. It is the result of work by Ray Camden and Ben Forta, and there are some interesting applications on the site already.
  • Microsoft has some marketing to do. ObviousSponge puts it succinctly. What is .Net 3.0? It's the next generation of the .Net Runtime! It includes Windows Presentation Foundation and after that I get a little cloudy.
  • Great article over on Computerworld about Windows Vista's interface. I absolutely love the new UI for Vista. I've been using it for a couple of months and I'm totally hooked. I think it's going to set a new bar for what people expect from their applications. I can't wait for Vista to be released.