Universal Desktop Daily - Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Creating desktop SWF applications with Janus, a Flash Video FAQ, Java on Vista and mobile video.

  • I read about Janus over on the RichApps blog. As the post notes, it is an EXE wrapper for Flash, meaning it's in a similar vein to Zinc, but it seems like it may be a bit further along. It seems like an interesting alternative as we wait for Apollo, though I don't know enough about it to recommend it. Campbell seems excited.
  • Via Cinsky, I found the Flash Video FAQ. Considering how important video is to Flash, I thought this might be a helpful resource for RIA developers and business people looking at the differences between codecs.
  • Some info from Techworld about Java running on Vista. I don't talk a lot about Java, but it deserves more attention. I use Java for all of my development (using the Eclipse platform) and I love the fact that it is cross platform. The Eclipse Rich Client Platform seems to have a decent following.
  • Telephia is reporting that 3 percent of US mobile subscribers, around 80 million people, are using cell phones to capture video. While the percentage seems small, Telephia notes that the percentage is much higher among people with newer phones. This made me think of Yahoo's recent acquisition of Jumpcut. I think Jumpcut is a great RIA - it allows you to edit video and add effects right from a web application - and shows how RIAs can be used to explore the cutting edge. Video from a phone could use a lot of editing, and I think the guys over there can tap into this market and show off what an RIA should be at the same time.