Universal Desktop Daily - Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Rich social networking with Wallop, the New York Times Reader versus Acrobat, the Eclipse platform and the new Yahoo Flash Developer Center

  • There is a lot of buzz over Wallop tonight and I'm very interested in the product. I think it is best categorized as a "rich social networking application" because it's built in Flash and places a very heavy emphasis on the experience. It looks like a cool example of next generation social networks, and I hope I can check it out and review it soon.
  • Interesting comparison of the New York Times reader and Adobe Acrobat. I realize the two are very different products, but it is an interesting read. It also makes me wonder about delivering a similar solution inside of PDF. That's a possible use case for Apollo. Could we see an implementation that would allow you to brand the Acrobat reader and restrict it to your content?
  • A little bit off track, but Ed Burnette has a comparison of NetBeans and Eclipse. Why is this relevant to RIAs? I always keep an eye on the Eclipse platform because there are some very interesting things being built on it. Ed seems impressed with how fast Eclipse is moving.
  • Finally, in a sign that RIA technologies continue to get press, Mike Chambers linked to the new Yahoo! Flash Developer Center. Hopefully we'll see some cool Flash work at Hack Day this week.