Updates available for Nokia Lumia 900, HTC Trophy Windows Phones

New updates are out for two Windows Phones: The Nokia Lumia 900 on AT&T and the HTC Trophy on Verizon.

Just a quick note for those who may have missed the news: Two of Microsoft's Windows Phone partners have begun delivering updates for their respective phones.

Nokia began pushing out a few days earlier than promised an update for the Lumia 900 on AT&T which fixes a data-connection software glitch. Windows users can get the fix via their Zune software client; Mac users can obtain it using the Mac Windows Phone 7 Connector. As Nokia officials announced a week ago, customers who'd prefer to exchange their Lumia 900s can do so instead of applying the fix are eligible to do so. And anyone who purchased/purchases a Lumia 900 on AT&T through midnight on April 21 will get a $100 credit as a gesture of goodwill, Nokia officials have said.

HTC Trophy users also can get firmware updates and the infamous disappearing keyboard (8107) fix for the one and only Windows Phone available on Verizon. WPCentral reported on April 12 that Trophy users connecting their phones to their software clients could get several updates downloaded to them (OS 7740, OS 8107 and HTC Firmware). The cumulative update also fixes an Exchange Server 2003 incompatibility issue, delivers improved voice-mail notifications and more. AT&T has said it is committed to providing the 8107 update, but has provided no concrete word as to when.

In other Windows Phone news, The ChevronWP7 Labs team announced late last week that they will be closing up shop and not distributing any more tokens for unlocking Windows Phones. After selling approximately 10,000 tokens for unlocking Windows Phones (with Microsoft's help and blessing), Microsoft and ChevronLabs mutually agreed to discontinue the project because it didn't fulfill the stated goal of kick- starting hobbyist development for the platform, as originally intended. Those who've paid for tokens (and who are in regions which support payouts) have 60 days to sign up for a free year's membership to Microsoft's AppHub if they so desire.


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