US News Burst: Intel announces Xeon brand for servers

Intel said today it plans to introduce the Pentium II Xeon, a new brand name for a line of processors designed specifically for midrange and higher server and workstation applications.

Intel will introduce the processors at mid-year with system products to follow shortly thereafter, the company said in a statement. "This is another step in the evolution of our Intel Inside branding strategy," Dennis Carter, vice president, Intel Sales and Marketing Group, said in a statement.

"The Pentium II Xeon brand will now identify processors for enterprise servers and workstations, delivering performance for business-critical applications," Carter said.

For servers, the Pentium II Xeon has been designed with larger and faster Level 2 caches, as well as multiprocessing capabilities, which enable users to expand their systems. For workstations, processor performance coupled with faster Level 2 caches provide the higher performance needed to address the diverse needs of the workstation market segment, it said.