Use TransSend to wirelessly transfer content from a web browser to your mobile device

Bluetooth allows you to transfer data without the use of cables and the Bluetooth SIG has taken that a step further by allowing you to transfer data right from within a web browser to your mobile device. TransSend is a new client/server application that will help reduce cable clutter and improve the ability to share data.

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I am a fan of Bluetooth technology and will not buy a mobile device that does not at least include Bluetooth as it reduces cable clutter in my gear bag. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) issued a press release announcing its new TransSend client/server application that allows you to receive content via Bluetooth from the internet. This seems to be an excellent way to get maps, addresses, phone numbers, images, and other content to your mobile device when surfing the net on your PC. It isn't designed to tranfer large documents or content, but I could see exhibitors at trade shows having a PC with their site setup and transferring data to booth visitors using this technology.

TransSend works by having the user initiate the transfer on the PC by right clicking or by click on a TransSend icon next to the content. TransSend uses the Object Push Profile (OPP) to send content from Windows XP and 2000 computers with Internet Explorer and Bluetooth radio. Mac and Linux support is currently not available, but is under consideration.