Video: Immerse yourself in NASCAR on the Sprint HTC EVO 4G

Sprint includes a few services on their devices, but most are often provided for free. One of the most functional and interesting services is NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile and on the HTC EVO 4G the experience is pretty amazing.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer on

I thoroughly enjoy watching and playing sports, but never really embraced auto racing. I grew up in Enumclaw and Buckley, Washington, and for a couple of years my younger brother and I spent time at the Kahne pig farm while Mom worked. After seeing young Kasey Kahne grow up into a NASCAR driver I started watching a bit of the sport when I knew he was in the race. I picked up my Sprint HTC EVO 4G on Friday and one of the free services that Sprint includes is NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile. It was good timing for me this weekend when I launched the app and discovered that the Gillette Fusion ProGlide 500 was taking place at Pocono Raceway.

When you first launch the NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile application you are given the chance to choose a driver to follow and I obviously added Kasey Kahne right away. I then saw all of the stats on Kasey in the My Driver page, including recent race results, season stats, career stats, and next race information. You can add up to four more secondary drivers if you have others you like to follow as well.

There is a grid of options in the application, including the leaderboard, NASCAR Speed channel, Pit Pass, stats and schedule info, videos, news & alerts, community, and more. Check out my video below for a walk through the application running on my new HTC EVO 4G.

The NASCAR application really shines when there is a race going on and I just may turn into a NASCAR fan with this service and device. You can watch live video of the race from the track, pit, and car view perspective. You can also toggle on race day audio and listen to the broadcast live while also watching the car numbers race around the track on the Pit Pass page that serves up real time telemetry data from the cars. You can track your favorite driver and the top 12 racers. I found this view to be very helpful even while watching the race on TV since it gave me a feel for upcoming turns and a better perspective of where the cars were located during the race.

Performance was flawless for me over my home WiFi connection and I plan to try it out in the future over both 3G and 4G to see how it works. It made the race much more interesting and kept me updated with the latest info on my selected driver. If you are a NASCAR fan then you should check out a supported Sprint device. The large 4.3 inch display of the HTC EVO 4G was awesome for following the race on Sunday.

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