Video: IT heroes of Hurricane Sandy

ZDNet interviewed a panel of IT heroes who kept their organizations running During Hurricane Sandy with successful disaster recovery plans. Watch the full 40-minute panel discussion as these IT leaders share the lessons they learned.
Written by Jason Hiner, Editor in Chief
Image: ZDNet

Hurricane Sandy was New York City's worst disaster since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It knocked New York City offline for days and, even worse, the storm damage had a death toll of over 100 people in the New York City area.

In the midst of the disaster, many IT departments used advanced disaster recovery techniques and business continuity technologies to keep their organizations running, keep employees working, and keep customers connected and able to access vital services they needed as part of the recovery. Although disaster recovery solutions have made a huge leap forward in the past decade, many IT professionals had to make heroic efforts to keep services online, including separation from their families, loss of property, breaking ordinances, and even sleeping on conference room floors in Manhattan. 

A year after the Sandy disaster, ZDNet went back to Manhattan and interviewed a panel of IT heroes who kept their organizations running with successful disaster recovery plans. Here is the full video of the 40-minute panel discussion in which these IT leaders share what happened and the lessons they learned.

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