Virtualized appliances bring the cloud to your wireless users

With physical devices, virtualized appliances, and SaaS offerings, Meru Networks looks to manage your wireless users.
Written by David Chernicoff, Contributor

With the huge increase in the number of wireless devices in use in the enterprise, both company issued and workers BYOD connections, the need to provide managed and controlled access for all of these wireless devices has become a major issue for IT. Even without the physical AP issues, the sheer number of wireless users can easily congest your current wireless AP infrastructure.

Meru Networks, who has a line of hardware appliances designed to manage your wireless users and get control of the wireless infrastructure in your enterprise, has released a matching line of virtualized network appliances that fill the same niche. The difference is that these software solutions, designed for VMware environments, can be run on existing server infrastructures, being deployed anywhere you have a VMware solution; a server, blade server, rack server, etc.

Meru's System Director WLAN operating system and their controller line are designed to give granular control over your wireless users.  Access control and permissions can be done on many different levels, from enterprise wide restrictions down to controls on a specific wireless user. With the introduction of their virtualized solution, Meru now offers the same product feature set as a hardware appliance, a virtualized appliance, and a Software-as-a-Service hosted solution providing suitable deployment solutions for the small business to the enterprise datacenter, in capacities supporting up to 500 access points and 5000 wireless users.

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