Visionstream wins NBN greenfields contract extension

Visionstream will continue rolling out fibre to new housing developments across Victoria, Tasmania, and Queensland in a deal worth AU$90 million.
Written by Josh Taylor, Contributor

Leightons construction company Visionstream will continue rolling out fibre to new houses across Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania, in a two-year contract extension worth AU$90 million.

The company was originally paid AU$102 million to undertake greenfields fibre design and construction work in Victoria and Queensland in 2012, and the company is responsible for overall fibre network construction in Tasmania.

The new deal will see Visionstream continue the design, and construction of fibre to the premises in new estates, as well as the commissioning of pit and pipe infrastructure and the establishment of temporary transit fibre networks to those new estates.

Visionstream has faced criticism from the Coalition government over its handling of the NBN rollout in Tasmania, with the company seeking additional funding to complete the rollout of fibre to 190,000 premises in the state. The request means NBN Co is likely to switch the rollout in the state from fibre to the premises to fibre to the node.

Visionstream's general manager for NBN Allan Bradford said that Visionstream had been improving its performance for NBN delivery.

"Collectively we are improving delivery and performance and look forward to setting the standard for fibre deployment in new developments, enabling NBN Co to meet Australia’s need for high speed broadband connections," he said in a statement.

"Visionstream has been a key player in connecting new estates to telecommunications networks for many years. The experience of Visionstream, the capability of its employees and the wider subcontractor workforce has been brought together with NBN Co and we are proud to continue delivering this important project."

Yesterday, Service Stream announced it had signed a similar contract extension with NBN Co in other states across Australia.

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