VMware announcements on day two of VMworld

VMware quickly moved to announce products based upon its view of the industry moving into the "Post PC era."

Here is a quick summary of VMware's announcements on day two of its VMworld.

Today at VMworld 2011, VMware unveiled new products and cloud-based services that help organizations break free from device-centric legacy desktop models and accelerate their journey to a new way to work in the post-PC era:

  • VMware View™ 5: Simplifying the Delivery of a Better Desktop – Available in the coming weeks, VMware View 5 will simplify IT manageability and control, while providing a high fidelity desktop virtualization experience. View 5 will deliver protocol enhancements that provide as much as 75 percent bandwidth improvement over LAN and WAN connections, advanced support of 3D graphics, scalable unified communications integration for voice and video media services with industry leaders, including Avaya and Mitel, and virtual desktop personalization with integrated persona management.
  • VMware Horizon: Building the Platform for the Post-PC Era – New updates to VMware Horizon extend the benefits of its identity, policy and entitlement engine to virtualized Windows applications and connected mobile workspaces – providing an open, user-centric platform for delivery of different application types within a unified application catalog from a wide range of devices.
  • VMware Horizon Application Manager™ – Leveraging the application virtualization capabilities of VMware ThinApp®, VMware Horizon Application Manager will now offer a centralized console to manage access, deployment and updates to virtual Windows applications independent from device type and the underlying operating system. These  new capabilities will be available in beta by the end of the year. Horizon’s unified application catalog service promises to benefit both IT and end-users by collapsing separate identity silos into a single enterprise identity for secure employee access across private and public clouds.
  • VMware Horizon Mobile™ – Based on the VMware Mobile Virtualization Platform (MVP) technology previewed earlier this year at Mobile World Congress, VMware Horizon Mobile will offer new features that enable an enterprise to establish and securely manage an employee’s connected mobile workspace in isolation from their personal mobile environment. As a result, employees will gain the freedom to choose a single Android device for both personal and work use.
  • Projects AppBlast™ and Octopus: Delivering Universal Cloud Access At VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas, VMware will preview two new end-user computing technologies – code named Projects AppBlast and Octopus – that advance the company’s vision for enabling universal application and data delivery for the post-PC era. Project AppBlast will provide the universal delivery of any application, including Windows-based applications, to any device supporting HTML5, enabling instant remote access to applications without the heavy footprint of the underlying operating system. Project Octopus will leverage data sync technology from VMware Zimbra™ and Mozy™ to enable enterprise-grade collaboration and information/data sharing. Additionally, Project Octopus will offer easyintegration with VMware Horizon, VMware View and Project AppBlast to create a secure enterprise cloud service. These two projects promise to dramaticallysimplify the access and sharing of information across people and mobile devices, contributing to the Connected Enterprise.
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