Wacom unveils new Intuos Pro Small pen tablet

Wacom introduces a small version of its Intuos Pro stylus and drawing tablet.

The Wacom MobileStudio Pro is a smooth operator

Wacom has announced the new Intuos Pro Small to its lineup of pen and drawing tablets, offering users a smaller and more portable option than the existing Medium and Large devices. 

The drawing implement is a Wacom Pro Pen 2 which has 8,192 pressure levels and is designed to emulate a pen-to-paper drawing experience. 

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The smaller-sized device also brings the entry-level price of the Intuos line down to $250 in the US, €229.90 in Europe, and £199.99 in the UK. It makes it the cheapest of the Intuos Pro family of devices. The Intuos Pro Medium costs $380, while the Large model costs $500. 

The smaller drawing tablet is designed for those who want better portability or need to work in cramped spaces. The device measures 10.6 x 6.7 x 0.3 inches (269 x 170 x 8 mm) and has an active area of 6.3 x 3.9 inches (160 x 100 mm), while weighing 450g (0.99lbs). 

As per ZDNet sister site CNET's review of the Intuos, the device could suit anyone who wants a screen that supports a stylus but isn't ready to buy a full laptop with that feature. The drawing tablet can connect via USB or Bluetooth to Windows 10 and macOS.

The downside of using it as a drawing surface when connected to a desktop is that it's more complicated compared to drawing directly on a screen as can be done on a tablet. 

According to Wacom, the Intuos Pro Small comes with a Pro Pen 2 without a battery, a pen stand with six standard nibs and four felt nibs, 4 extra pen color rings, and a 2m USB cable. However there's no replacement color rings and no texture sheets to change the feel of the surface.