We are entering an age of new opportunity for IT buyers and sellers

Sam sits in a catbird seat between media, vendors, marketers, and the associated support agency ecology around them.

Are the forces reshaping how IT is created, marketed, and distributed a seachange, or a blip? How valuable are the new direct and viral outreach capabilities swirling around open source adoption and long-tail publishing? When I buy software, what now influences me most: ads, mainstream media articles, or a web/blog/podcast search on the product and technology?

Public relations and marketing maven Sam Whitmore of Sam Whitmore's Media Survey  joins me for a BriefingsDirect B2B informational podcast to flesh out these issues and other IT selling (and buying) disruptions wrought by blogs, RSS, and podcasting.

I know, I know, not another podcast on podcasting. But Sam sits in a catbird seat between media, vendors, and marketers and the associated support agency ecology that joins them. He has a unique viewpoint based on his years editing Media Survey, and a previous long tenure as a leading tech journalist. The show is about much more than podcasts.

Sam advices IT marketers to embrace and extend, not phase out, traditional marketing by exploiting the new modalities and viral distribution avenues gaining ground today. It's a lively and enlightening 45 minutes with an IT industry veteran.

Whether you are buying, selling, developing, or influencing the use of enterprise software, the discussion has something of value for you.