Wearable, long-lasting Linux

Wrap yourself up in Linux... literally!
Written by Will Knight, Contributor on

Fans of Linux, who can't bear to be without their preferred platform, will be delighted to hear that Californian companies -- DCH Technology and Xybernaut -- revealed plans on Thursday to develop a long-lasting, wearable Linux device called Mobile Assistant.

The wearable computer will use hydrogen cell technology to increase its longevity, which could revolutionise mobile computing according to a statement from the companies. "Fuel cells can potentially provide an unlimited supply of portable power and may be the perfect solution to the currently limited life for batteries used for portable electronics," said Edward G Newman, president and chief executive of Xybernaut.

"With the successful development of fuel cells to power the Mobile Assistant, we believe we will be able to increase the current mobile operating time to 12 to 24 hours or more," Newman said. The hydrogen-based "fuel cells" that will power the device will continue to run as long as the user feeds them hydrogen, according to Xybernaut. The company believes this will also help reduce environmental pollution.

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