Western Digital adds offsite cloud storage backup for small businesses

Western Digital gives small businesses an off-site backup solution by pre-installing KeepVault's cloud storage software on its Sentinel storage servers.

If you're a small business that owns Western Digital's WD Sentinel DX4000 storage server, your purchase just got a little sweeter.

The company announced this morning that it is now offering offsite data storage service to DX4000 owners, courtesy of San Luis Obispo, Calif.-based KeepVault.

The idea is simple: the Sentinel fills your small business need for on-site cloud-based storage, but there's nothing to protect your data if the whole thing goes up in flames (or under water). The KeepVault service, which WD handily integrated into the administrative dashboard, plugs the gap.

Users can choose to compress and/or encrypt data when it backs up to the cloud; backup history and various recovery options are available. The actual backup process can be set to either real-time or on a schedule, and can be throttled in the event that it's a drag on the company network.

The KeepVault service, which is subscription-based, will be preinstalled (but not activated) on new WD Sentinels.

The prices are as follows:

  • 250 GB - $300/yr. or $30/mo. (reg. $450/yr.)
  • 500 GB - $600/yr. or $60/mo. (reg. $900/yr.)
  • 1000 GB - $1000/yr. or $100/mo. (reg. $1800/yr.)
  • Custom, at $0.10 per gigabyte per month