What to expect at Macworld 2010. Without Apple, it's tough to say

Without Apple, it's anyone's guess is Macworld has enough to offer to make the show worth attending.
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Later today, I plan on taking a stroll over to Moscone Center to check out the annual Macworld Expo, usually a big event that's tied to some sort of big news from Apple. But I'm not expecting much this year. As you probably know, there will be no Steve Jobs keynote this year nor will there be a giant Apple booth in the center of the hall showcasing some big new product.

Instead, I expect to see some of the technology that companies are developing for Apple products - but I can just hope that there's more than just a bunch of iPhone apps. Sure, there's a big iPad sneak-preview on Saturday but the product won't even be out for several more weeks - so that seems kind of uneventful, as well.

Apple's decision to pull out of Macworld makes sense for the company. It no longer needs a stage at Macworld to draw interest in its product announcements. The recent iPad press event was a packed auditorium and the company was grabbing headlines for days before - and after - the announcement. It also doesn't need a big booth inside the halls of Moscone Center for Apple fans to test-drive new products. It has retail stores scattered around the globe that millions of people visit regularly to touch and feel Apple products.

Some have said that Apple's departure from the show marked the beginning of the end for Macworld. That may be true but it's hard to say if Apple is to blame for Macworld's demise or if it's just time for trade show organizers to re-think their strategies.

We'll find out tomorrow if there's still some life left in Macworld or if a visit to the show floor this year is just a last chance to say farewell to an old friend.

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