What's driving India's ICT environment?

ZDNet is hosting a live event on August 7 in Mumbai where panelists will discuss how emerging ICT trends have brought about a new challenges for businesses in India.
Written by Eileen Yu, Senior Contributing Editor on

Enterprises in India face challenges related to cost, complexity, and skills, but these are not the only factors driving their ICT decisions. With the rising adoption of mobility and IT consumerization, organizations are increasingly pressured to meet demands from employees, customers, or even business partners for pervasive access to corporate applications and data.

What kind of pressures have these placed on Indian companies? What other business challenges do they face that are unique to the Indian market? For instance, how has the country's unstable power infrastructure impacted their IT deployments?  

Big data analytics also have been touted to provide tremendous benefits for Indian organizations, but it can be challenging to collect and mine the multitude of data. What has complicated their ability to collect and analyze data?

At ZDNet's TechBizz event to be held in Mumbai on August 7, distinguished panelists will discuss some of the key business challenges faced by Indian firms today and identify trends that are driving their ICT environments. The panel discussion will be held in front of an audience at Four Seasons Hotel, and streamed live via the Web.

If you're an IT decision maker for your organization and are keen to attend the live event, register your interest with us now to reserve a seat. 

TechBizz IN: What's really driving your ICT environment?
Date: August 7, 2013 (Wednesday)
Time: 10am to 12pm
Venue: Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai

We'll also be providing more details nearer the date with directions on how you can watch the discussion live online as well as pose questions to the panel. So watch this space and on Twitter #zdtechbizz.

This event is part of ZDNet's exclusive TechBizz series, kicking off in Singapore on July 4, before heading to Sydney on July 17, and Mumbai on August 7.

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