White iPhone now showing up in Apple Store App

Will there be a huge line for the white iPhone 4?
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor on

Earlier this month Geek.com broke the news of the white iPhone 4 actually living and breathing in the wild. It turns out that the story that was relayed around why the white iPhone never made it to the public was because two different manufacturers produced the plastic button and glass front/back plates. Because of that, the colors don't match perfectly, and that's a no-go for Apple.

Now it seems that those manufacturing troubles may be behind Apple, as BGR was the first to report that you can now reserve a white iPhone 4 in either 16 or 32GB models at your local store.

I have since confirmed that the white iPhone 4 does show up in the Apple Store app, but specifically says that it is "not available to reserve". This is different than what the screenshot showed in BGR's report, so either Apple has already reached its limit, or the company quickly corrected its App to prevent reservations.


Will there be a huge line for white iPhone 4's, too, like we saw with the launch day mayhem? I would bet that the answer is YES.

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