Who is the Mobile Gadgeteer?

This new ZDNet blog kicks off with an intro of the life of a die hard mobile gadgeteer.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I started using computers when I was 12 years old in 1981 after saving up money from my shelf stocking job to buy a Timex Sinclair ZX-81 with thermal printer. After that I was hooked on electronic gadgets and began using mobile devices in 1997 after U.S. Robotics sent my U.S. Coast Guard salvage team a couple of Pilot 1000 units to use for on-site salvage engineering services. I was carrying around a large Franklin Planner that held my calendar, contacts, and notes and was eager to try out a small mobile device to lighten my load. I then moved on to various Palm devices through 2001 when I then starting using Microsoft Pocket PC devices. I have owned at least 50 mobile devices running Palm, Windows Mobile/Pocket PC, Newton, Linux, and Symbian operating systems.

My current primary devices are the i-mate SP5m Windows Mobile Smartphone, i-mate JasJar Pocket PC Phone Edition, Treo 650, and Nokia N70. I switch between devices quite a bit in order to provide input to the community through reviews, questions sent to me, and discussion forums and so that I can keep up on the latest technology.

I have been writing and reviewing products for Geek.com since 2001 and also used to write for Pocket PC Life. I was featured on the Penn & Teller Showtime show episode about The Best since I have owned over 50 mobile devices and am a serious gadget geek. I am active in several discussion forums on mobile enthusiast sites, have written a book (Master Visually Windows Mobile 2003), wrote the Reviewer's Guide for the Motorola Q (just announced this week), am a Microsoft Mobius member (invite only mobile enthusiast group), am a participant in the Nokia Nseries Blogger program, and am a Palm Software Champion (I write the content for Palm Software Guides).

I have been married to my wife for 13 years after meeting and getting married in 17 days (that's a whole different story) and am a father to three active young daughters. I am a mild-mannered Professional Engineer (Naval Architect) by day and a super hero mobile gadget geek by night when I can be found online all over the enthusiast sites with my alter ego known as "palmsolo". I look forward to helping you with your mobile devices and providing you with interesting blog entries related to all types of gadgets. Please feel free to email me with news, ideas, suggestions, questions, and feedback.

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