Who is the top entrepreneur in open source?

Who's the best entrepreneur in open source?
Written by Dana Blankenhorn, Inactive
Following up on what I wrote yesterday, here's a question for your Super Bowl weekend.

Who's the best entrepreneur in open source?

I mean, if you were starting an open source team, and you wanted it to reach the Super Bowl of computing, going up against stars like Gates, Jobs or Dell, who out there has the chops to get you there? (You might like to go to your next party as this person.)

In other words, who would be your Lovie Smith?

Now all the gentlemen named above started at the bottom. (Smith started at Cascia High Prep.) Gates launched his career from an Albuquerque skunkworks, Jobs from his garage, Dell from his dorm room. Maybe such things aren't possible today (which would be big news if it were true).

Or maybe this particular person isn't in the U.S.

And now for the key question. How will you know this person when you find him? Back in the 1980s Gates was moved to hire a string of older CEOs for "adult supervision." Jobs was literally forced out of Apple, which then floundered. Even the best corporate talent scouts may not see legends when they're standing in front of them.

But I do guarantee one thing. In 10 years the answer to this question will be obvious.


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