Who needs Zune hardware? Use your Nokia N8 to play Zune Pass music

One overlooked feature on newer Nokia smartphones is the ability to connect with Windows Media Player and use DRM protected content. You can take your Zune Pass subscription music and listen to it on your new Nokia N8.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer on

It was posted through several Twitter accounts yesterday that Ballmer stated there are no plans to bring Zune HD hardware to Europe since they need to focus on Windows Phone 7 that has Zune integration. If you are in Europe and do not want a WP7 device, but would like to listen to Zune music on a device then you may be happy to know you can use your Nokia N8to enjoy Zune DRM subscription content. My Nokia Experts article walks you through the simple steps to transfer music to your N8 (legally) and enjoy Zune music on a device with a good speaker and great headset output.

The Nokia N8 is now selling in Europe and around the world and is a powerful Symbian^3 device with 12 megapixel camera. The ability for me to now take my Zune subscription content in a single device just increased the value significantly and I couldn't be happier that this works so easily.

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