Who watches online video in Asia?

Analytics firm comScore has released its first "Video Mextrix" report, detailing the video-streaming habits of Asian Internet users.

Analytics firm comScore has released a new reporton online video consumption in Asia, shedding some light on the habits of online video viewing across Asia Pacific.


The comScore Video Metrix, an online video measurement service, has now been introduced in Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. The platform's aim is provide "online viewing intelligence combined with demographics" and is now available in 12 markets across the region, and 25 individual areas globally.

The report's introduction has meant that consumer digital behavior in Asia has been recorded, to offer some interesting insights into the Internet habits of those across the continent.

However, we do have to keep in mind that these results are only based on personal computer use -- completely discounting tablets, smartphones and Internet cafes -- all of which are popular and in constant use across many countries in Asia.

The research firm gave China the top spot with 266,152 unique visits to video streaming content websites in June 2012; which means 79.4 percent of those with Internet access -- otherwise known as the national Internet penetration rate -- visited this kind of site through the month. Japan and India claimed the second and third top spots, with 61,536 and 44,590 unique views respectively.

However, watching videos online is most popular in Vietnam, where 89.9 percent of those with web access visited sites with video content throughout June. Indonesia was less interested; claiming 8,715 unique views and a 66.9 percent Internet penetration rate.

comscore report video streaming watching online metrix asia

Joe Nguyen, comScore SVP for Asia Pacific said:

"Online video viewing has become a leading pastime for the majority of today’s online consumers, presenting new opportunities for content providers and advertisers to reach their key audiences with engaging content. As content options expand and connection speeds advance, we expect to see more people spend more time watching online video in developing markets, which presents an exciting opportunity for marketers throughout the region."

Throughout June 2012, 1.2 billion people worldwide age 15 and older watched online video from a home or work computer, representing 83.1 percent of the world’s online population and 1,239,145 unique visits.

In terms of videos watched per person, Japanese users led the way with an average 242.5 videos per visitor. Singapore and Australia were next up with 158.1 and 151.4 per user, and China reached a ranking of 78.3 videos per person.

comscore report video streaming watching online metrix asia

This is comScore's first "Video Metrix" report, and hopefully in the future it will include South Korea and Thailand -- countries with heavy broadband usage -- and mobile data. Without the latter, the results do not take into account the rising use of mobile technology and devices, which in some countries is now the main way to stream and watch video content.