WHOA.COM selects ScienceLogic, here's why

WHOA.COM, a supplier of cloud services, has chosen to use monitoring and automation tools from ScienceLogic. The CEO and founder of WHOA.COM explains why.
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor

Mark Amarant, founder and CEO of WHOA.COM, took a few moments to answer questions about why his company selected and deployed tools offered by ScienceLogic. Thanks for taking the time, Mark.

Please introduce yourself and your organization.

I am Mark Amarant the founder and CEO of WHOA.com. Our company provides secure, enterprise-class cloud infrastructure for organizations nationwide. We have built an infrastructure for security, compliance, performance, service, and cost efficiency to protect sensitive corporate data and brand reputations.

What were you doing that required this type of technology?

As a company, we entered a high-growth market with fierce competition, so we sought to differentiate ourselves by reining in the best-in-class cloud services. During our evaluation of the product we showed ScienceLogic (www.sciencelogic.com) to some of our channel partners. We asked them if they thought this service would be beneficial to their cloud customers. The positive feedback and support of the product was overwhelming.

Further, our need to differentiate and scale our operations required additional features that would help us stand out in the marketplace, while also empowering our customers to see for themselves how their applications are functioning. We are emphasizing efficiency and transparency in our services, and ScienceLogic’s IT monitoring solution allows us to provide that to our customers.

What products did you consider before making a selection?

We looked at Manage Engine and SolarWinds but neither matched the efficiency and customer self-service we wanted to provide to our enterprise customers. Further, these other solutions weren’t as easily scalable with our high growth expectations.

Among all the other IT management solutions we looked into, ScienceLogic matched our company philosophy and stood out as a best-of-breed system. The platform’s customizable dashboards and real-time visibility and analysis, and ticketing system have enabled us to differentiate ourselves in the cloud service provider space and accentuate the efficiency and transparency of customer self-service.

What tangible benefit have you received through the use of this product?

As a service provider we needed a product that was capable of multi-tenancy. With ScienceLogic we are able to provide each customer with their own individual access to monitoring and performance dashboards, ticketing system, and asset tracking.

What advice would you offer others who are facing similar circumstances? 

I recommend organizations examine where they are now and where they want to go. Look at the areas of opportunity that can accelerate your growth efforts and how you can maximize your IT offerings to retain and attract more customers.

Listening to your customers is another valuable tool in your assessment. Then, look for a product that is easy to integrate, easy to scale, and allows you to empower your customers with its features.

Who is ScienceLogic?

ScienceLogic offers a sophisticated IT monitoring platform for organizations' IT infrastructure. ScienceLogic calls this "the network of everything." At this point, ScienceLogic's platform is in use by over 15,000 global Service Providers, enterprises, and government organizations. The platform offers over 1,000 dynamic Apps enabling customers to maximize efficiency, optimize operations, and ensure business continuity.

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