Wi-Fi Week: Roaming in the dark

In a perfect world, Wi-Fi users would be able to use any provider's hot spots. The reality, however, is far from utopian

Moving from one hot spot to another may seem like a logical way to work -- after all, Wi-Fi is being promoted as the ideal technology for the mobile professional. It's odd, therefore, that the operators have been so reluctant to promote this. Companies such as The Cloud are actively recruiting service providers, but these are early days. You may also find that not all service providers are on all Wi-Fi hot spot maps (although ZDNet's interactive map is as inclusive as possible).

There's not much you can do if you're stuck in a place with a hot spot owned by a non-roam-friendly provider -- hotels seem prone to this -- except to make it clear why you won't use the service. There are no technical reasons why you shouldn't be able to use a service provider's authorisation on any hot spot, merely commercial ones, so users should exert as much commercial pressure as possible by voting with their access.

Roaming outside the UK is even more problematic, and just as in the early days of mobile phones you shouldn't rely on it unless you have an explicit promise from a service provider. It's a safe prediction that universal roaming will eventually happen, but while providers are wedded to excessive prices and user lock-in -- a hangover from old ways of thinking about telecommunication provision -- we shouldn't wait underwater.

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