Will Cingular and Palm announce the Treo 750 at CES?

There is only one Windows Mobile Treo GSM model currently available and that can be found from Vodafone outside the United States. The Treo 750 may be announce by Palm and Cingular at CES next week, but no pricing or availability information is yet available. Will T-Mobile ever catch up again with Cingular? They lag behind in 3G and in available mobile devices.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

According to Engadget Mobile Palm and Cingular may be announcing the Treo 750 Windows Mobile Phone Edition device at CES. The Treo 750 is currently only available from Vodafone and I look forward to finally seeing a GSM Windows Mobile Treo in the U.S. You can check out a detailed review of the Vodafone model at Gear Diary. The Cingular release is still speculation and no pricing or availability information was posted. The Treo is a bit chunky, but I would consider one if I could find it for a reasonable price.

Treo 750 Cingular

Credit: Engadget Mobile

In other Treo news, it appears that T-Mobile may be getting the Treo 680 devices sometime in the future. Then again, the Treo 650 is shown on that Palm support site and T-Mobile never actually sold the Treo 650 directly so the support site could just be implying that an unlocked model purchased from Palm can be used on T-Mobile. Cingular has been blowing T-Mobile out of the water with mobile devices and it would be nice to see my preferred wireless carrier finally doing a bit of catch up.

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