Will Google dominate mobile search too?

Google is targeting mobile search with a new London mobile division. The mobile search area is still open to someone who can produce the "killer" application of mobile search on the small screen. Gada.be does an excellent job with metasearches and is my current favorite mobile search method.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer on

I made a couple of trips to Microsoft last year to participate in their MSN Search Champs program. I was tagged as someone who knew some things about the mobile environment and most of my input focused on getting a good search engine designed specifically for mobile surfing rather than trying to squeeze down a full search engine so that it just looked good on a mobile device. There have been some efforts to address the mobile world with search in the last few months with most of that progress being made by Google with such things as Google Mobile Web search (beta) and Google Local search.

Arne Hess from the::unwired sent me a link to an article at the Business Times Online stating that London will become Google's center of operations to focus on mobile devices. The Google mobile division will be reorganizing the way search results appear on mobile devices while also implementing more search related products optimized for the mobile community. Trends and sales show that people are going mobile and search is very important in this area.


One of my favorite search tools on mobile devices is Gada.be created by Lockergnome's Chris Pirillo. Gada.be is a free metasearch service that allows you to enter a search term in your address bar, i.e. zdnet.gada.be, or enter a term in the Gada.be search box. Gada.be was launched in October 2005. Results will appear from many different resources (Technorati, Yahoo News, MSN, Flickr, Feedster, Amazon, etc.) and for mobile users the Gada.be service gives you results quickly and at a lower bandwidth cost than using multiple search engines to find what you are looking for while out and about.

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