Will the QUE proReader ever ship?

Did the price drop of the Nook and Kindle influence the QUE proReader's delay?

It may just be coincidence, but the same week that the Kindle and Nook both see price drops, Plastic Logic delays the shipping of its proReader. In addition, the company has canceled pre-orders.

Normally the delay wouldn't be that big a deal but the fact that the QUE proReader is $799 and its competitors are selling for less than $200 now is a bit concerning. Also, the iPad continues to dominate with more than three million sold in 80 days. For less than you'd pay for the proReader, you can get an iPad which offers eReader functionality, and a whole lot more.

The most surprising thing to me is the cancelation of pre-orders. Does Plastic Logic really think that there will be a market for its device when it finally ships? At least with pre-orders locked in, they had something to count on.

I really have to wonder if there's a need for the QUE proReader to ship. With an unknown ship date, cancelation of pre-orders, and plenty of competition, it might be time for Plastic Logic to pull the plug.