Will Verizon hit you with activation fees on your iPad?

You might not be able to start and stop data service for no charge
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

I previously wrote about the crazy activation fees that Verizon hit me with when I had the Samsung Tab. Well, it seems that the company could be up to its old tricks again. This time, though, it's with the iPad 2.

According to a post on Pogue's Posts, some readers are claiming that if you let your iPad Verizon cellular service lapse for a couple of months, the company will hit you with a $35 activation fee again, each time you turn the service back on. This pricing goes against what Apple touts as the easy experience of turning your data on and off, at will.

Pogue's article goes on to quote a PR person from Verizon saying that there's a lot of misinformation out there, and that there's no activation charge. The reasoning she gives is that there's 3G and built in Wi-Fi on the iPad, and that the user can

"go back and forth from either network, taking breaks from 3G if you choose, and reactivate on 3G without paying an activation fee."

The above seems logical, but my experience with Verizon's Samsung Tab seems to echo the activation fee scenario, and the Samsung Tab also has 3G and Wi-Fi built-in.

Do you have the Verizon iPad? If so, have you experienced an activation fee to get started? It's too soon to know if anyone will be hit with re-activation charges, but my hope is that if the PR reps from Verizon read enough posts like this and Pogue's, that the activation charges will be stopped long before any consumer is forced to experience them.

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