Windows 7 to 'Elevate Miami'

The city of Miami's "Elevate Miami" program is installing Windows 7 in five locations to help its residents better compete in the new digital society and economy.
Written by Ina Fried, Contributor
When new software comes out, usually the more well-to-do get access first, and then eventually it trickles down. However, some of the first to use Windows 7 will be among those traditionally left behind--including those in some of Miami's poorest areas, many of whom don't even have a home computer.

That's because the city is moving to Windows 7 in several of the computer centers that are part of the Elevate Miami project, which aims to equip all of the city's residents with digital know-how, including its vast Spanish-speaking population and the city's most economically challenged areas.

The city is putting Windows 7 machines in five locations, including four of the city's parks and also at the Little Haiti Cultural Center. Two of the centers already have Windows 7 installed, according to city staff.

"By making the latest tools of technology available to the citizens of Miami, the Elevate Miami program hopes to better prepare the Greater Miami community to participate and compete in the new digital society and economy," said James Osteen, the city's assistant director of information technology.

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