Windows Phone 7 Series shortens its name

Microsoft is making a big deal about dropping the Series from the name of its new phone OS, now known as Windows Phone 7. Does anyone really care?

When Windows Phone 7 Series was first announced I had a hard time remembering the full name of the new phone OS. It looks like I wasn't the only one, based on an announcement that hit the internet about thirty minutes ago.

As of today, Microsoft's new phone OS will no longer be known as Windows Phone 7 Series, and will instead simply be called Windows Phone 7.

I applaud Microsoft for realizing that having "Series" at the end of the name of the phone OS was fine for internal use, but that it should never have made it outside of Redmond.

By the way, this time around Microsoft made the announcement of the name change through a single Tweet via its WindowsPhone username. How's that for the company showing that it's really cutting edge? I've included the tweet below.

Tis the season for Series finales. We've got one too - dropping the ‘Series’ and keeping the 'Windows Phone 7.' Done.

I just hope that this name change doesn't mean that there will now be a delay in shipping of Windows Phone 7 since packaging, internal code, and a whole lot of other press materials have to drop the "Series" from the name before the OS is released to the public.

UPDATE: After reading some of the comments I figured I should add a bit more to this article. First off, I thought this was newsworthy because a company the size of Microsoft suddenly realizing that it should change the name of its Phone OS, and actually changing it, is pretty cool. Also, I wanted to point out Microsoft publicly stating that its changing the name compared to the way Apple suddenly changed the name of its new iPhone from iPhone 3G S to the iPhone 3GS (no space). I'd like Microsoft to also tell the world why it decided to drop the "Series" off the name, but maybe that will come out soon enough, too.