Wirefly sets pre-order record with HTC Thunderbolt

The HTC Thunderbolt launches tomorrow and it looks like many people followed my purchase method and went with Wirefly. They reported record pre-orders, 400 percent higher than any other pre-sales offer.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I posted yesterday about my decision to purchase an HTC Thunderbolt and mentioned that I pre-ordered one from Wirefly because I am traveling and wanted to make sure one arrived for me to test out this weekend. It turns out you can also save $50 (total of $199.99) when purchased at Wirefly with a 2-year contract. Wirefly sent me a press release reporting that they had record breaking sales of the HTC Thunderbolt with the highest number of pre-orders in their eight year history, 400 percent higher than any other pre-sale device.

I have not used Wirefly in the past, but read good things about them and will be including my experiences with them in my review. The nice thing is there is no mail-in rebate to worry about and they do have offers such as free FedEx shipping and returns on items. Thunderbolt orders will begin shipping on 17 March and I made sure to pay for next day shipping so should have it by Friday afternoon. Stay tuned for my initial thoughts on the Thunderbolt this weekend or early next week.

Remember too that new HTC Thunderbolt owners will get free Mobile Hotspot connectivity and service from launch until 15 May and that is actually one major reason I purchased the device. After 15 may it will be priced at $20 for 2GB of data. I am interested in the trial because with fast LTE you may find yourself burning through data faster than you would with a slower connection.

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