Without Jobs at the helm will we see a 7 inch iPad or QWERTY iPhone?

Steve had some strong feelings about design alternatives at Apple and now that he is no longer the CEO I wonder if any of these hardware strategies and designs will change.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

The news of Steve Jobs resignation is all over ZDNet, links provided below, but as I was thinking about his departure I started dreaming about devices that Steve killed and now wonder if we will see any changes in mobile strategy. I think Jobs was an amazing visionary and no one can, or should really try, to fill his shoes, but that doesn't mean everyone of his ideas and thoughts was the final answer. Will we see a 7 inch tablet or a QWERTY keyboard iPhone in the future from Apple with Tim Cook as CEO?

7 inch iPad

Back in 2010 after Apple released the Apple iPad, Steve was asked about a smaller 7 inch form factor and said it was "DOA" and that ”The manufacturers will learn the painful lesson that their tablets are too small.” We have not seen a lot of 7 inch form factor tablets, primarily the Samsung Galaxy Tab and RIM BlackBerry PlayBook. The Tab did OK in the market and it is still too early to rule out the PlayBook. I personally have the PlayBook and an HTC Flyer and find the 7 inch form factor is much better for usage on the go and I would love a 7 inch iPad.

I thoroughly enjoy my 10 inch iPad 2, but imagine many people use it like I do as a device for the couch, on the airplane, or in the office and not so much for those times when you are walking around the mall, visiting a friend's house, or on the go away from a WiFi connection.

QWERTY keyboard iPhone

We have often heard that Steve Jobs does not like physical QWERTY keyboards and I think the current Apple virtual keyboard is second only to the one found on the new Windows Phone 7 platform. While I get by just fine with a virtual on-screen keyboard, there are still many people who like and need a physical QWERTY keyboard. They may have jobs where a touchscreen keyboard is not practical, they may just like the feel of a physical keyboard, or they may just not want to even try out a virtual keyboard. In any case, I think there are millions out there that would love to see an iPhone with a QWERTY keyboard and if Apple can design one as well as it designs the iPhone then it could be the best physical QWERTY keyboard ever and there would be a lot more people who would jump on an iPhone.

Do you think either of these will ever come out from Apple? Is there anything else that Apple may consider now that Steve isn't leading the company?

BTW, I want to thank Steve Jobs for the iPad and truly do enjoy using it. I pray that his resignation doesn't mean his health is failing and that he just realized he needs to take more of a break and care for himself and his family. Thank you Steve for the great work at Apple and even if I thought some of your statements at press events were too arrogant, your work set the bar for many others and will go down in history forever.

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