Without Klout, Google+ is dead to me

Google+ is an interesting new social medial tool. It can be great. It could be a lot of competition for Facebook but it has no Klout. And, for me, Klout is more important.

If you have anything to do with media and you haven't discovered Klout yet, you're behind the curve. Klout is the measure of your online influence. Media types (writer, on-air personality, podcaster, videocaster, celebrity), need to check your Klout score immediately). Very low scores (<30), need help fast. But, you won't be able to pump it up with Google+ because they're not connected. So, for me, that means I'm not posting anything to Google+ until it is. Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and LinkedIn are all Klout connected. Google, if you want more acceptance, you're going to have to have Klout or you're dead to me.

I like Google+. I really do but it has got to get plugged in to compete with or usurp Facebook as the "Go To" Social Media outlet for users. Adoption by users will be transitory unless Google moves fast in the social media networking circles. So far, the adoption of it is slow.

The Significance of Klout

Your Klout score is kind of like your credit score: You don't care about it until it limits you in some way. Media people may find that editors who pay attention to Klout scores will shun them if their scores aren't high enough. Let's face it, if you can't influence a lot of people, you just aren't worth as much as those who can.

I foresee a time when your Klout score will mean so much to those who pay for influence will have a sliding pay scale depending on that all-important score. Mine is pretty low today (41) because I was on vacation for eight days and didn't tweet, didn't post to Facebook and didn't contribute to LinkedIn. My bad.

My score fell about one point per day. That's a pretty tough hit on someone who needs to influence a lot of readers, advertisers and editors. I need a high score but it's a part-time job to keep it high. We, as media folk, don't have the advantage of a paperboy who stands on the corner shouting, "EXTRA, EXTRA, read all about it, Google+ is dead without Klout."

Our circle of influence has replaced that paperboy with his digital equivalent: Social Media.

Joining the "Old Media" Pity Party

Many old school media moguls don't "get" social media or services like Klout. Too bad for them. A lot of people didn't think they needed the shouting paperboy either. Some of my non-ZDNet colleagues bemoan the use of social media for content promotion but that's their problem. They will be left in the carbon-dated strata of the Paleozoic Era where they belong.

Things change, Times change and people must also change.

I don't care to listen to the naysayers and grumblers about "new-fangled" this and "back in my day, we..." Who cares? Get with it or get out of the way.

And Now, Back to Google+

When I tweet, it raises my Klout score. When I Facebook and friends comment, my score goes up. Same for LinkedIn and Foursquare. Google+ gives me nothing. What's my motivation to use it? Not much from a Klout perspective.

But, I'm motivated to acquire more friends on Google+ to help boost my score should Google decide to connect to Klout. So, if you'd like to connect, hit me up and I'll gladly add you. Follow me on Twitter too (@kenhess). I could use the associated Klout boost.

I'd gladly use Google+ but I have so little time for social interactions that I need to maximize my influence when I do. For me, social media outlets are for promoting my writing work that I do here at ZDNet and at other places. I will carry on conversations with Twitter followers on occasion. I'll engage you on LinkedIn on a mutual topic of interest. Heck, I'll even jump in on some Facebook wall discussions but I'll be darned if I waste a bunch of time on Google+ just yet.

Google+ needs Klout.

Google+, without Klout, you're dead to me.

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